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About Rajata K

3+ years of experience in Backend Engineering (PL SQL/SQL DEVELOPER), currently an Employee of Logran Technologies Pvt Ltd as a Software Engineer but deployed in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Bangalore.
Good knowledge in the Banking domain Scripting.
In depth knowledge of writing and modifying PL/SQL codes including Packages, Stored Procedures, Materialized-Views, Views, Indexes, Collections, Cursors, Triggers, Functions and SQL Development (using SQL to select information from Oracle DB, SQL for multi-table and multi-view joins).
Performance Tuning of SQL Statements Using Explain plan.
Good knowledge of SQL sub languages DDL, DML, TCL, DQL and DCL also.
Experience L3 Support for the Supporting Projects.

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    Oracle 11G

    3 Years

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Oracle Developer

  • January 2020 - July 2023 - 3 Year
  • India




  • November 2019 - January 2023 - 39 Months
Role & Responsibility
    This Project is about the loan management for the users of SBI. It had three phases      Sanction, Pre-Sanction, Post Sanction. It is a huge repository of client data where all the information of client background & current status is maintained and on the basis of that the loan is sanctioned.
    The information is generated & maintained by risk rater & various Committee then the analysis of the risk involved in this loan is calculated by the committee & finding out if any possibility of new business from there is also analyzed & on the basis of that various control reports & Proposal reports, Credit reports are generated.

    Responsibilities and task 
    Database Designed and Developed as per client requirements.
    Developed complex functions, procedures and packages.
    Tuning SQL code and PL/SQL procedures/functions.
    Creating the tables, checking the constraints.
    Involved in coding of Database Triggers.
    Involved in the development, design, Analysis and discuss the business requirements.
    Involved in analyzing the impact of the new development on the existing system, Creation of Design documents, Development and Testing.
    Involvement in end-to-end development and bug fixing.
    Involvement in critical logic Analysis.
    Generation of Reports for the business analysts and end-users as per client’s requirements.
    Master Data Migration from source server to target server through DB_LINK.
    In shell Scripting worked on directory changes for .log,.err,.txt, .temp type file add $\LOG_DIR to free the $\bin directory.
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Industry Expertise



in Mechanical Engineering

Kalam Institute Of Technology
  • June 2005 - June 2008

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