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About Shubham R

IT experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) as a Software Java Developer with expertise in Object-Oriented Design, J2ee, Development, Testing and Web based Applications using Agile methodology. To always be creative and develop multifunctional skills and to always be innovative, hardworking and adaptive. To apply my skill and knowledge in the best interest of the organization I work for.

Work Experience


Software Developer

  • February 2019 - October 2022 - 3 Year



Online Resume Builder

  • April 2019 - April 2020 - 13 Months
Role & Responsibility
    • Applications allows users to Build Resume and Download the same.
    • Deployed App on Tomcat Server. An online resume builder is a software developed to simplify the task of creating a resume for individuals.
    • The application provides an effective means of designing a desired resume in fact a professional looking resume.
    • The system is flexible to be used and reduces the need of thinking and designing an appropriate resume according to qualifications.
    • Usually individuals get confused while creating a resume especially for a novice person such as graduate students.
    • They don’t get a clear idea of what things and information must be included in a resume.
    • Hence the system is developed to provide them an easy way for creating a professional looking resume.
    • This project is user-friendly and requires minimum human intervention.
    • Individuals just have to fill up a form that specifies questions from all required fields such as personal questions, educational, qualities, interest, skills and so on.
    • The answers provided by the users are stored and the system automatically generates a well structured resume. Users have the option to create a resume in pdf format and file.
    • Responsibilities : My responsibility was to complete the backend work and integrate with the MySql database.
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Student Exam Management System

  • January 2020 - June 2020 - 6 Months
Role & Responsibility
    This is a console Application for managing students' results with below functionality. When the program first launches, there is a menu which allows the user to select one of the following five options:
    • Add a course
    • Add a student
    • Add a result
    • View results
    • Quit The functionality of these options is as follows:
    • When users add a course they provide a course code and a course name which is stored in some manner of array or list.
    • When a user adds a student they provide a student id and a name which is stored in some manner of array or list.
    • When a user adds a result they provide a course code, a student id, and a final score out of 100 which again is stored in some manner of array or list. To successfully store the result: a. The course code must be a course which has been created, b. The student id must be of a student who has been created, and c. The score must be within 0.0 to 100.0 inclusive and accept invalid input without crashing.
    • When a user views results they have the option to: a. View course results, or b. View student results. If the user opts to show course results then they are prompted to enter a course code - and then the results of each student enrolled in that course are displayed. If the user opts to show student results then they are prompted to enter a student id - and then the final score for each course they are enrolled in and an average student score is shown (which is the sum of each of the students’ scores for each course divided by the number of courses they are enrolled in).
    • Responsibilities: Complete end to end responsibility.
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Order Management API

  • April 2020 - January 2021 - 10 Months
Role & Responsibility
    • Order Management System Project in Java using Angular Spring boot, and MySQL project in Java.
    • This is a web application developed in Java to process the management and selling of products online.
    • It will help the customers to order products online.
    • In this application, we have two main roles.
    • One is the Admin who will add products based on the category, view orders and etc.
    • Another user is the customer who will order products.
    • It is difficult to manage orders with the same manual process.
    • There should be a system where all the orders by the customer are handled properly.
    • The system UI should be as simple as possible so that lay men can order products using the application.
    • So, for this, we have developed an Order Management System Project in Java where the admin will keep track of all ordered products. And, the customers can simply use the dashboard to order products online. This application has both roles i.e Admin and customer. It is a multi user application with simple and efficient performance.
    • Admin Admin can ADD/VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE category of products. Admin can ADD/VIEW/UPDATE/DELETE products under category. It can VIEW all customer lists. Admin can VIEW all the order lists.
    • Customer Customers can VIEW all the categories of products. Customers can ADD products to the cart. It can order any product from the list. It can VIEW a list of ordered products.
    • Responsibilities: Complete end to end responsibility.
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Employee Management System

  • January 2021 - November 2021 - 11 Months
Role & Responsibility
    • Develop below simple basic features in our Employee Management System web application.
    • Employee information system is easy to use application which is created to manage the employee data.
    • It is created to record the details of the employees.
    • This reduces the dependency on the manual system which could create errors.
    • This system can easily help in tracking employee records.
    • There is an administrator which can add, edit, delete and save records in a database.
    • There are two views for this application first is the administrator and the second is employee view.
    • The employee view enables employees to view their details. Below are the module details.
    • Register module: This module is used for the new employee where he or she can register themselves and get their login details.
    • Login module: This module is created for login details of admin and the employee. There are different login details provided and both can login using their respective user id and password.
    • Manage employee module: This module enables admin to add and edit employee records. It is also for viewing each and every employee details by the admin.
    • Delete module: This module is created to delete any employee details.
    • All Employee data will be stored in DB and will be displayed on home page. For authentication and authorization spring security is used.
    • Responsibilities:
    • Analyze project requirements.
    • Learn and apply technologies.
    • Design database of project.
    • Project Planning and scheduling.
    • Work with project guide to improve the features of system.
    • Reporting to Team Lead.
    • End to end testing of Application
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Password Generator

  • June 2021 - June 2022 - 13 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Description: Using this user can generate good password depending upon requirements.
    • Functionalities:
    • Generating a Password: • The user must answer by Yes or No the questions to know if he desires to use Uppercase/Lowercase letters, Numbers or Symbols • The user then enters the desired length of the password • A password alphabet is generated according to the Yes/No answers it is a String that contains the choices of the user • Depending on the length random characters from the password alphabet are selected and put back to back to form a totally random string according to the user's needs • The randomly generated password is then displayed on the console
    • Checking a Password's Strength: The Strength check is based on the following criteria: • The password uses Uppercase Letters • The password uses Lowercase Letters • The password uses Numbers • The password uses Symbols • The length of the password is 8 or more (8 is often the minimum required length for a decent password) • The length of the password is 16 or more (16 is considered to be the minimum length for good password) These are used to calculate a score for the password used to know what message to display to the user weak/medium/good/great password
    • Displaying Useful Information: This is a minor feature that displays on the console so information for the user about password security (Avoid using the same password twice/ Avoid character repetition, keyboard patterns, dictionary words, letter or number sequences, etc.)
    • Responsibilities:
    • Understanding client project requirements for generating password.
    • Which type of password is allowed i.e. at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 symbol.
    • Length of the password not less than 8 validation and specific symbol not allowed validation.
    • Write Unit Test Case for individual scenarios.
    • Display password in console to only user if password is proper generated or not.
    • Write special algorithm to encrypt and decrypt if user want for security purpose.
    • Test end to end application in all scenarios.
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