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About Sharookh A

Enthusiastic and well-organized Java developer with 5+ years of experience.
Strong exposure in working with OOPS programming paradigm and various J2EE design patterns like MVC,DAO and Singleton.
Hands-on experience in building applications using java as primary programming language.
Experienced in building back-end applications using java frameworks like Spring and Spring Boot.
Expertise in working with front End technologies like HTML, CSS, Java Script for developing webpages.
Worked with SQL along with RDBMS databases
Having expertise in working with Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server
Used Hibernate ORM framework and JDBC to interact with the database for accessing the data.
Exposure on build tools like Maven and unit testing frameworks like
Working Knowledge on Application Server like Tomcat and Jetty.
Provided deliverables adhering to AGILE methodlogy to increase client prouctivity.
Expertise in working with the open source load testing tool Jmeter for simulating sample loads on the application to check application’s performance and accountability.
Participated in all the sprint and retrospective meetings regarding the deliverables to the customer.
Worked closely with the Quality Assurance(QA) to help improve the application.
Assisted Senior’s in preparing client technical workshops and learned how to interact with clients effectively.

Work Experience


Backend Developer

  • January 2018 - January 2023 - 5 Year
  • India




  • October 2021 - January 2023 - 16 Months
Role & Responsibility

    Pepsico is a renowned soft drink company. It also involves in performing in it’s own marketing,distribution and manufacturing of the beverages.The project deals with the web applications used by pepsico’s agents and dealers .

    The application is used by the customer for order placement and other requirements Like managing the inventory and estimating the consumer needs in a region.
    Involved in developing build pipelines using jenkins build management tool.
    Involved in writing the JS scripts and helped in enhancing the look and feel of the client applications using front end technologlies like HTML,CSS and AJAX.
    Deprecated some of the performance related issues of the applications through bug fixes and suggesting essential technology replacements/improvements

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EDM – Enterprise Data Management

  • September 2020 - October 2021 - 14 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Halliburton provides services in constructing Oil Rig and Well construction .It mainly focuses on the development of wells in a oil rig site.Landmark is the software module which helps in the construction of Oil Wells.

    The project deals with the database module.which has the data storage collected from various sensors from the wells in the rig sites.This is a crucial data for the client and is essential for future drilling and assesing the cost inolved in the planned drills.
    The client has a set of applications used for collecting and assesing data in various stages of the drilling.This set of applications is called as EDT suite.
    Developed Data access Layer for one of the applications in the EDT suite using java as a primary technology and hibernate for object mapping.
    The communication between the modules was enabled using REST.
    The security for these modules is provided by using Spring security module and encrypting the access keys using a tool called Vormetric.
    Developed and enhanced the application which is used to view the various forms and reports from the rig sites.
    Developed the application performance levels by reducing the bugs through a proper fix.
    Involved in migrating data from different databases.
    Worked on Azure SQL and developed applications with the AzureSQL as a database.

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Ballista Performance Testing Tool

  • May 2018 - September 2020 - 29 Months
Role & Responsibility


    (BALLISTA) is an open source integrated performance testing and monitoring tool.Ballista is a unique platform, which provides application performance test, application landscape monitoring metrics, JVM metrics of java based application and Database performance metrics to analyze.
    It has the capabilities to generate the dynamic stubs for http/Https protocols.

    Ballista Central This helps by storing the performed test results row data Integrated with tomcat server, it has dedicated web application and will be executed on a browser for analysis.
    Comprehensive customized performance analysis reports to share with the stake holders can be generated in the central.
    Developed the service virtualization module for our tool, which simulates dummy responses in the absence of the actual server.
    Designed and developed the web application for the tool’s web module with rich UI experience using various front end frameworks such as HTML,CSS, JavaScript.
    Developed the database monitoring module and integrated in the tool.
    Worked in Agile & Scrum Environment.

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  • March 2017 - April 2018 - 14 Months
Role & Responsibility


    Telenet is the largest ISP provider in Belgium. The project Deals with the maintenance and development of the CRM application called as “epiphany” .This application is accessed by all the agents under epiphany to provide new connection activation.

    The epiphany is a CRM tool which is used by the various agents of Telenet for verifying and storing the documents associated with the customers.
    Initially dealt with the testing of the new requirements using manual testing through building various test cases & scenarios.
    Also involved in E2E(End-To-End) Testing using test data provided for various scenarios of an application state.
    Identifying production and non-production application issues and also involved in resolving the issue.
    Adding new Feature and enhancing the existing functionality of the tool.


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