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About Lakshminarayana

5+ years of Software Deployment/Automation experience in Kubernetes engine, Compute Engine, Cloud SQL,VPC Network, Cloud storage, IAM and admin, Cloud Run, Anthos(Fleet Ingress)
Experience in Google Kubernetes Engine and Google cloud services 
Confident and poised in interacting with individuals at all levels coupled with excellent coordination and liaison skills with the Management of the Client to accomplish the project
Highly organized to work at various levels in a project.  
Having Good exposure on AWS and GCP both cloud environments.
From the scratch i have created the infrastructure for the 3-tier application deployment in to Kubernetes using cloud formation & Terraform templates.
Containerized images deployed in to Kubernetes.
Using Jenkins automated CI/CD.
Responsible for maintaining & creating the network & security of the applications.
Monitoring & logging the applications with New relic.
Maintain the logs retention period up to 3 months. Creating the Shell script for Weekly taking the backup of MongoDB.And encrypted data stored in to S3 bucket.
Created backup cluster for failover region perspective.
Working on Firewall & Security for the application and clusters.
Experience in installing and configuring web application servers like Nginx for application deployments.

Work Experience


GCP Architect

  • January 2018 - July 2023 - 5 Year
  • India




  • December 2021 - July 2023 - 20 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Hiring a skilled candidate need not be that difficult, and we feel we can make it more meaningful
    Creating the Infrastructure using Terraform IAC Code
    Jenkins Integrated with GKE Kubernetes cluster for the CI/CD automation. So, monitor the alerts of Jenkins using slack channels.
    Created Cloud SQL (PQSQL, Mongo) databases and connected to the Django applications.
    Working Anthos 
    Working on Multicluster Service & Multicluster ingress on GCP for failover region perspective.
    Given the VPN access to all required users and maintain the availability
    Create DNS records and update subdomain names using third-party tool
    Writing automation scripts for taking the Backup and delete unnecessary docker images.
    Weekly created GCP Billing Dashboard and Analyze Cost analysis
    Maintain Clusters High availability & Disaster Recovery & Backup Management
    Working on 3 tier Architecture deployment & Management
    Support developers in setting up the infrastructure.
    Learn & evaluate new technology options
    Perform root cause analysis for production errors
    Deploy updates and fixes
    Design procedures for system troubleshooting and maintenance.
    Reporting to CTO & Update the completed tasks.
    Deploying Machine Learning Models deployed in to GKE Kubernetes (retrain the model and verify the accuracy
    and prediction)
    Creating Infrastructure for Machine Learning Models
    Support to data scientists for setting up the infrastructure like Virtual machines in GCP
    Monitor Intrusion Detection System alerts of GKE Kubernetes cluster, No SQL (PQSQL ,MongoDB) malicious attacks
    Using New Relic Monitor & logging the alerts of GKE Kubernetes cluster nodes, pods. Maintain retention period up to 90 days.
    Created AWS AMI’s & Snapshots and imported/exported to GCP cloud using cloud build.
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  • December 2018 - December 2021 - 37 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Working on 3 tier application, deployed in to Kubernetes.
     Must create Dockerfile and build the image and then pushing in to private container registry.
    Create Upstream & Downstream jobs using Jenkins and create webhook configuration for automation.
    Rebase it the latest made changes in to GitHub repository. And will generate Pull request for merging the repository of required branches.
    Creating required Infrastructure using CloudFormation & Terraform templates
    Worked on Application Load Balancers & Autoscaling.
    Monitor & logging the application using Prometheus & Grafana.
    Maintain the application security.
    Supporting to Developers to create a Virtual machine in GCP.
    Maintaining the IAM admin permissions to create users and give required permissions to the users.
    Creating AMI’s import/export to S3/GCP Cloud storage buckets.
    Created EKS/GKE Clusters for deploying microservice application in to Kubernetes.
    Created RBAC for supported users.
    Created Jenkins pipelines for Bamboo to Jenkins migration
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Industry Expertise



Computer Science in B Sc

Andhra University
  • June 2008 - June 2011

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