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About Aruna

A performance driven ambitious software developer with an extraordinary blend of and technical knowledge. Ability to communicate and motivate team members to enhance strategic goals and bottom line objectives. Creative problem solving and troubleshooting skills complemented by meticulous attention to details that will result in the success of an organization by developing new applications or improving existing ones. 

Work Experience


Devops Developer

  • January 2019 - January 2023 - 4 Year
  • India



AB InBev

  • January 2019 - January 2021 - 25 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Launching Amazon EC2 instance and configuring launched instances with respect to specific applications in Dev/Test/COLLAB/PROD environment.
    EBS Volumes, EIPs, Snapshots, AMI's. Creating AMI images from existing instances and copy them to different regions / availability zones
    Launching NAT instance within VPC to provide internet to database/secure instances. 
    Configuring NAT Gateways to give internet access to private subnets
    We have automated the start /start VMs in non-business hours for cost cutting
    Infrastructure migration into the Cloud (AWS) from traditional hosting
    Designed multi-region, disaster recovery and cost-effective solution using various services of AWS and also provided a combination of In-house Infra and AWS Cloud
    Defined AWS Security Groups which acted as virtual firewalls that controlled the traffic allowed reaching one or more AWS EC2 instances
    Creating Elastic IPs, attaching and detaching to instances as per client request
    Creating S3 buckets, managing policies, Utilized S3 bucket and backup on AWS
    Configure and maintain the Users and Groups policies and permissions in IAM
    Configuring and Networking of VPC, Subnets make connection between different zones
    AWS Services cost analysis and reduction using AWS calculator
     EBS Volumes, EIPs, Snapshots, AMI's. Creating AMI images from existing instances and copy them to different regions / availability zones.
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HP Inc.

  • March 2021 - June 2022 - 16 Months
Role & Responsibility
     DevOps Engineer for a team that involved different development teams and multiple simultaneous software releases.
    Configuring and maintaining the source code management repository GitHub.
    Managing Version Control GIT and automated current build process with Jenkins with proposed branching strategies to accommodate code in various testing cycles.
    Configuring the Maven build tool for creating the war, jar files which are automated through Jenkins CI process.
    Setting up Maven proxy repositories in Nexus antifactory repository to download dependency for the projects using Nexus proxy repository which is scheduled in Jenkins for continuous integration.
    Creating build and deployment jobs in Jenkins for various project modules.
    Creating CI/CD pipelines scripts by integrating GitHub, Maven, Jenkins and more.
    Administering Jenkins CI/CD build engine for deploying, configuring, managing, maintaining jobs as per projects requirements.
    Configured automated builds like Webhooks, Poll SCM in Jenkins to meet project’s build requirement.
    Running environment-based jobs by configuring Jenkins Master-Slave technique, which builds jobs in Slave machines and automates deployment in specific environments based on pipeline script.

    Configuring Docker with Nexus private repository to pull its images through docker proxy and pushing created docker images containing applications to docker hosted repository.
    Creating Docker images embedded with (.jar & .war) applications with its hardware and software dependency.
    Managing Kubnets nodes and containers on pods.
    Setup Kubernetes environment
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Industry Expertise



in B. Tech

Andhra University
  • June 2015 - June 2018

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