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About Shiva R

  • Overall 8+ years experienced developer with expertise in iOS and OS X application development
  • Systems Analyst with expertise in design, requirement gathering & analysis, and development of iOS/Mac applications with industry leading tools and programming languages
  • Strong business orientation, analytical and problem-solving skills combined with required programing skills  
  • Experience in working with hybrid applications written in Swift and Objective C
  • End-End understanding of iOS app development to submitting the app to the App store
  • Worked in small to large teams with a tighter deadlines and challenges
  • Strong understanding of object-oriented programming design principles and practices
  • Good understanding in various design patterns such as MVC, MVP, MVVM, Singleton
  • Proficient in writing clean and reusable code
  • Worked on applications involving cross platform code sharing and solved other challenges in feature development
  • Experience in making app to support multiple languages thereby internationalizing the app
  • Worked on majority of the Cocoa frameworks and other third-party frameworks
  • Worked on implementing local, push notifications and background fetch
  • Experience in using instruments tool for analyzing performance bottlenecks and profiling the application
  • Experienced in working with Auto layouts and size classes for iPhones and iPad
  • Worked with Cocoa Pods framework manager for integrating third party librariesReactiveCocoa, AFNetworking, etc.
  • Worked on location services API’s such as Google Maps SDK and MapKit
  • Experienced in consuming Restful web services with native API’s
  • Written helper methods for increased productivity and reusability across projects
  • Experienced working with concurrent code execution using Grand Central Dispatch(GCD)
  • Updated layouts to support multiple languages using localization API’s
  • Thoroughly implemented the major architectural design patterns such as MVC, VIPER and major iOS patterns which are heavily used in iOS SDK’s such as Delegation, Singleton, Target-Action, Factory, Dependency Injection and observers as and when desired
  • Experience creating and executing automated unit tests (XCTest and UITest Automation)
  • Experienced in working with Clean Architecture using xcode templates
  • Implemented a new way of tracking miles driven using iBeacons with standard core location API’s
  • End End understanding of user authentication mechanisms in a mobile driven system to ensure security at different levels such as user data privacy and network security
  • Experience in working in C++ in conjunction with objective C and Xcode
  • Created custom controls and worked with majority of UI controls at the latest
  • Participated in scrum meetings and experienced in agile methodologies 
  • Worked on several source / version control systems such as Git, Source Depot and Svn etc.,
  • Worked on code porting and refactoring among cross platform applications to use a shared codebase for OSX application
  • Experience in teams working with continuous integration and app deployments
  • Performed code reviews and peer-peer discussions
  • Experience in using several software development tools to expedite the development process
  • Experience in working with onsite/offshore business model

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