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About C K

Having around 3.2 Years of IT experience in development of application using NodeJS Technologies.
Expertise in developing applications using NodeJs.
Having experience working with backend apis.
Having good knowledge in developing the code for Client side validations.
Good communication skills, capable of learning new technologies quickly.
Forward Thinking, analytical, project Oriented and dedicated IT Professional 
Good team player with analytical and problem-solving skills.
Experience in using Integrated Development Environment like Eclipse and VSCode.
Having knowledge on Html, javascript,  nodejs, 

Tech Stack Expertise

  • Tech Stack Expertise

    Node JS

    Node JS

    2 Years
  • Tech Stack Expertise

    Scripting Language


    1 Years

Work Experience


Backend Developer

  • January 2020 - November 2022 - 2 Year




  • January 2020 - January 2021 - 13 Months
Role & Responsibility
    • PMS (Portfolio Management System) allows to manage trade portfolios in real-time.Basically these main modules in this projects. market data daily/historical (closing data) and potentially realtime we are managing and displaying using based on choosing finance as yahoo or google.
    • Portfolio data (loaded) daily/historical and potentially realtime we are calculating tradefact based on users provided scripts and displaying tradefacts in realtimes in every 5 sec. metrics and tracing- Ability to add a new metric in data model editor and we can associate a metric to a python script by id based on versioning and able to edit python script and usermangents and roles mangenent from UI. time series ability to define a frequency of update and store market data and tradefacts.
    • Resolve Production issues in a timely manner to minimize impact.
    • Understanding and analyzing the business and resource requirements.
    • Client interaction for requirement / impact analysis.
    • Fixing bugs with in the given time .
    • Resolve  issues in a timely manner to minimize impact.
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  • January 2021 - January 2022 - 13 Months
Role & Responsibility
    •  I took on a challenging project of CoffeBoard in which we implemented blockchain and cmis as the backend servers, my role in the project was a blockchain developer. I developed a kubernetes nodejs project, in which we exposed RestApi's for storing and fetching of data from blockchain server(ethereum and seth). In order to connect to the blockchain server we are using smart contracts and web3 Api's. In smart contracts we implemented our logic for storing and fetching the gs1 standard data We implemented the some part of supply chain process for the project starting from gathering seeds from farmers to the auction process
    • Involved in development of Core API services.
    • Involved in development of exceptional handling & alternate flows.
    • Involved in Defect analysis and fixing.
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Industry Expertise



Computer in B.Sc

Himaja Degree College
  • June 2015 - June 2018

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