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About Uday

Having 3+ years of experience in the field of Cyber security operations (24*7) of real time log collection, log processing, log analysis and monitoring for SOC incident investigations.

Work Experience


.net Developer

  • January 2020 - February 2023 - 3 Year
  • India



Banking & Financial Project

  • January 2021 - February 2023 - 26 Months
Role & Responsibility
     I am working for 24*7 SOC environment using SIEM tool. 
    So, this SIEM tool will take care of the security monitoring, log analysis and also it will generate alerts related to different types of incidents or attack vectors or attack category. 
    Whenever any incident coming through either emails or SIEM dashboard. 
    I will create ticket in Snow and will note the ticket time to maintain and complete the incident with in SLA. (Tracking purpose.) 
    So based on the severity level of incident I will prioritize that particular incident. 
    And after that I can gather the incident triage information nothing but IOC (indicator of compromise) and IOA (indicator of attacker) and who is going to impact in the organization, that particular ip address, host name, user name and also how the attack is coming. 
    In the similar way IOA information like who is going to attack the end user system or application or network or server and that particular ip address, which country is going to do attack. 
    And how is trying to do the attack whether it is a drive by download option or whether it is a phishing email or whether it is a removal device kind of thing. 

    Project Duration: 2.5 years

    Project Description:     
    Maintaining up to date  operating system on  personal  computers that  can protect the user from malware
    Using browser with less vulnerabilities. Browsers are the most likely item targeted by cyber attackers. Users can get compromised if they are not updating their browser.
    Reading banking agreement. As per our survey it highlights that users do not read the online banking agreement which highlights the user’s responsibilities and a point where banks would like to educate users about  the  sensitive nature of  Internet  banking.
    Password management: Choosing a complex password which include a combination of capital, small letters, numbers  and special character. This can make the password difficult to guess and avoid unauthorized access.
    Antivirus. Antivirus is a computer software that looks or scans for known viruses on computer. The Software after detecting the virus or any suspicious  program residing on the computer takes the action of either deleting that virus or quarantining it.
    Keeping a pattern guessing or biometric lock on smart phones. User who use mobile banking can make their phone vulnerable if they do not put a pattern lock or biometric lock on their phones
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Industry Expertise



in M.Tech

Hydrabad University
  • June 2012 - June 2015

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