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7 Years of professional IT Experience in Architecting and deploying multiple monitoring solutions using tools AppDynamics, DataDog, Dynatrace, New Relic production environments Understanding of Network Firewalls, Load - balancers, LDAP, and complex network design

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Work Experience


APM Developer

  • January 2016 - June 2023 - 7 Year
  • India



AT & T

  • February 2023 - June 2023 - 5 Months
Role & Responsibility
    AT & T is a provider of telecommunications, Media and Technology services 


    APM tools Installation, Administration, Upgradation, Troubleshooting Console Issues & Database Issues. 
    Activities include (AppDynamics & New Relic) agent instrumentation, APM configuration, synthetic monitoring, RUM enablement, DB visibility & infra monitoring as well as creating relevant alerting and Dashboards/reports
    Managing Application Availability, Performance & pro-actively recommending the improvement areas by finding potential problems and gaps in the monitoring.
    Strong AppDynamics product knowledge, internals, and product REST API.
    Monitor Kubernetes with the Cluster Agent
    Kubernetes monitoring with an application performance monitoring solution
    Collaborating with other teams to integrate the AppDynamics with third party tools as well as with Business/IT to design and implement performance benchmarks for each application.
    Working on complex synthetic workflows to help ensure the critical functionality of application
    Working on complex customer requirements by creating custom extensions as well as leveraging the already provided extension by AppDynamics
    Contributing ideas for continuous application improvement and efficiency
    Helping application team understand the AppDynamics functionality
    Troubleshooting the errors and configurations issues on all monitoring of the network
    Worked on AppDynamics Monitoring of large scale JEE Application, Node JS
    Deployed of monitoring modules to new system components using App Dynamics
    Understanding of Network Firewalls, Load-balancers, LDAP. 
    Experience in installing and implementation DataDog 
    DataDog Dashboard creation & APM implementation 
    Worked on DataDog synthetic monitoring & Log management.
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  • October 2021 - February 2023 - 17 Months
Role & Responsibility
     It creates a semiconductors, software and services related to wireless technology 

    Gather Monitoring requirements from application owners.  
    Standardization of AppDynamics and DataDog monitoring setup. Good experience in using APM tool AppDynamics, DataDog in monitoring business transaction across all tiers(web/app/DB) of the applications.
    Installed DataDog agents on various app/web servers along with various web agent.
    Worked on DataDog synthetic monitoring, Log management, APM and Dashboard creation
    ZAPM implementation using AppDynamics.  
    Set up alerts/ thresholds of monitors according to teh customers' requirements
    IT infrastructure and application monitoring platforms services administration
    O Managed resource pools, accounts, configured alert thresholds
    Deployed on Agent on such various OS like windows, Linux, Solaries  
    Identifying the Critical applications for System resource utilization (CPU, Memory, and Threads etc.) & JVM heap size was monitored using AppDynamics. 
    Identifying the Critical applications for System resource utilization and JVM heap size was monitored using AppDynamics. 
    Provide performance management support and technical guidance with AppDynamics (Application Performance Management) for Application teams. 
    Implemented and Configured APM tool and DataDog tool for various .Net and Java applications.  
    Setting up Custom Dashboards, health policies and alerts based on application team's requirement.  
    Provided demo/training to application teams before and after AppDynamics, New Relic and DataDog implementation for their respective applications.  
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  • November 2019 - September 2021 - 23 Months
Role & Responsibility
    MindCraft specializes in providing Software Services for Digital Transformation, Business Insights, DevOps, Cloud and Middleware.

    Roles and Responsibilities: 
    HP BPM 9.30  
    Installation of BPM software and set up Business process monitors across geographical areas.  
    Created the number of BPM instances depending on the requirement / system architecture.  
    Assign/deploy Application monitor Script to BPM to monitor the application's Availability and performance on 24/7.  
    Troubleshooting BPM when it does not send monitor data to BSM.  
    Browse BPM Reports such (i) Status Reports– Application Summary, Application health, Location Summary and BPM Performance status.  (ii) Analysis Report - Metrics over Time, Performance Analysis, BPM Performance over Time and BPM error summary.  
    BPM upgradation in 200 machines from 9.23 to 9.30  

    HP BSM 9.30  
    Create and support the customized Dashboards according to the customer requirement.  
    Support and maintain Business Service Management (BSM) in a large-scale production environment.  
    Support the performance graphs of all CIs in performance perceptive 
    Assign and Fix Business Service Management (BSM) Open production Tickets.  
    Create and support application monitor Scripts using VuGen (performance Tool) with various protocols like HTTP/HTML (Web), Web (Click and Script), Ajax Truclient, Ajax (Click and Script), 
    Extensive experience in web protocol. Working with Parameters, customizing scripts based on client requirement.  
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Corporation Service Company.

  • July 2016 - November 2019 - 41 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Corporation Service Company (CSC) is a recognized leader for business, legal, and financial services worldwide. We are the preferred solutions provider for more than 90% of the Fortune 500®. Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, it is having offices throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe, as well as in Africa and the Asia-Pacific region.  

    Review Modify/create/Finalize Design documents, plans and configurations day-to-day operations and support of the dual site Orion SolarWinds performance monitoring Environment. 
    AppDynamics installation, Administration, Upgradation, Troubleshooting console issues & Database issues. 
    Install, running and getting results using AppDynamics. 
    Patch and support AppDynamics
    Implement application monitoring using AppDynamics
    Provide on-call after hours support for escalated problems and conduct bridge calls with Tier III support, Operations Management, and Vendors
    Created the effective Health Rules based on Application Team requirements. 
    Created the Alerts base on different health rules required by the application team. 
    Worked on Various types of charts, alerts settings, app creations, user and role access permissions. Provide support to Production and Development environments 
    Configuring the cluster and integrate the WebLogic server with Apache 
    Deployed the applications on multiple WebLogic Server instances and maintained Load balancing, high availability and fail over for the servers. 
    Troubleshooting and fixing of problems on WebLogic Application Server and Web server (Tomcat, IIS). 
    Extensive administration experience supporting WebLogic Server 11g packages using multiple server instances, standalone, clusters, connection pools, plug-ins, connectors, JDBC drivers. 
    Creating, Configuring, Domain, server, cluster, machine, deployments and services like JDBC, JMS Connection factory etc. 
    Implement WebLogic patches, updates, and fixes as necessary 
    Strong ability to troubleshoot issues for JDBC, JDNI etc. 
    Monitoring the WebLogic applications which includes memory, CPU, disk space, application functionality etc.
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Industry Expertise



Electronics And Communicational Engineering, in B.Tech

Hyderabad Tecnical Collage
  • June 2013 - June 2016

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