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About ANIL V

Seasoned Technology leader, Visionary & Strategist with 24+ years of Progressive Leadership experience in building a perfect pivot of process, people & technology to solve complex business problems and deliver value to business, customers & shareholders of Fortune 50 companies

As a technology leader worked with global CXO & business leaders in solving complex customer experience problems across manufacturing, supply chain and finance functions in Healthcare, Power, Telecom & Fintech domains by delivering organization wide multi country transformational technology projects to deliver tangible value to customers & investors. Deep expertise in delivery excellence by aligning diverse teams of employees, contractors, vendor partners distributed across the globe.

Technology Transformation
Led a digital transformational mandate on enterprise business functions ran an “Automation Hackathon” to crowd source digital solutions, rolled out AI powered Digital Solutions on AWS like iERPChat, iSetup, iMonitor, thus resolving 20% of incidents without human touch, resulting in 30% productivity improvement.

Improved collection agents’ productivity & efficiency by simplifying system landscape and implemented unified collections with integrated dispute management system leading to 50% reduction in dispute resolution CT

Developed & implemented invoice analytics dashboard that predicts % probability of invoice becoming past due with 85% accuracy levels, that entitled collection agents focus on invoices with high past due probability resulting in efficiency & productivity improvements & past due reduction

Business Transformation
Delivered past due reduction of 5% by driving a cultural transformation across finance org and transitioned from derived metrics KPIs to process efficiency KPI's thus identifying the root cause and implementing long term sustainable solutions on critical processes and systemic problems

Improved cash flow by 15% for a telecom company by 20+ system bugs, implementing standard work, creating accountability & driving a rigor across 7 African countries that ensured 100% billing on time every month

Work Experience


Operations Manager

  • January 2000 - March 2023 - 23 Year



Head IT Operations For Ola Cabs & OLA Electric

  • May 2022 - November 2022 - 7 Months
Role & Responsibility

    Head of IT Operations and Service engineering driving stability, reliability & productivity on enterprise applications across OLA Electric & ANI technologies. Responsible for uptime & performance and smooth operations of GA lines of OLA scooters and battery assembly.
    As a group role responsible for delivering End user services for 10K devices across 7 locations across India that includes L1 support helpdesk, Major Incident management & managing hardware and software assets.

    Delivered scalability & efficiency of service lifecycle process on electric scooters by eliminating manual steps & Google sheets and automating with Zendesk CRM solution which helped to seamlessly address 1K service requests per day
    Drove rigor in the team and fixed the broken processes to improve end point security compliance from 38% to 76%
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Service Delivery Leader For Airtel GSM & Money

  • May 2021 - May 2022 - 13 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Head of Service Engineering responsible for delivering reliable, resilient, secure & effective user experience for 116 MM GSM & Money customers across 14 African countries. Accountable & responsible for uptime & performance on 400+ heterogeneous tech stack, Digital applications (mobile apps & portals) driving customer journey, Sales & Distribution, customer experience analytics & telecom OEM applications driving Telecom VAS & customer billing and Oracle ERP driving organizational accounting & finances
    As a Regional CIO for Airtel Nigeria an IT representative for Ex-Co leadership team responsible & accountable for E2E service delivery, project execution and CR implementation for regional business
    Leading an organization of 500 people with a mandate of 50% ticket reduction on a monthly ticket volume of ~10K tickets
    on an SLA of 85% by leveraging Operational excellence, Tech Ops (Technology led Operations) & Automation.
    Apart from Service SLA responsible to deliver Business SLA on critical business KPI performance like KYC TAT, Billing Cycle Time, SMS delivery TAT, Instant commission payout, Business KPI availability, % Simswap failures, Sim provisioning 

    Designed & built Service Engineering (SE) Org with 3 diverse teams (employees, contractors & Vendors) and integrating traditional App ops & SRE with clear roles & responsibilities & accountability for L1, L1.5, L2 & L3 support teams
    Defined outcome based KPI's to measure operations & Business SLA which drives efficiency, customer experience & governance aligned with organization G&O aiding business performance
    Transitioned SRE from Product to Service Engineering and drove operational & cultural excellence like IOC calendar for proactive maintenance, ITSM tenants, E2E feature monitoring, robust release deployment process that resulted in 45% reduction in sev1 incidents
    Designed & implemented an enterprise-wide Agile Change Management to drive collaboration across SE, BA, product Engineering, OpCo IT & TPM orgs the resulted in '0 post deployment defects, timely prod releases, '0' release velocity impact
    Reduced digital recharge failure rate by 60% by rca fix on failure points and enabling Grafana monitoring on E2E customer journey & and digitizing the reconciliation & refund process
    Achieved an 30% ticket & 40% cost reduction by running "Tech ops" campaign across organization which drove a culture of root cause analysis and technology-based automation on recurring production defects & requests
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Enterprise Services COE Leader Responsible For Del

  • September 2019 - April 2021 - 20 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Enterprise services COE leader responsible for delivering IT solutions for power services P&L globally by ensuring business continuity & world class customer experience on Enterprise-wide systems & Digital product streams that digitize contract management, outage planning, execution & closure.
    As Service Operations IT leader strategic vision is to drive “Digital Transformation” to achieve multi fold productivity by adopting intelligent automation technologies while ensuring enterprise systems (infrastructure and applicaitons) uptime and performance targets are achieved and world class user experience delivered.

    In the infrastructure support leader capacity led a cloud migration strategy for Enterprise Systems (Oracle EBS) to enable seamless data integration with Enterprise Data Lake, key enabler for “Democratizing the Data”
    Driving process re-engineering & OCM to plug Digital solutions and ensure the success of digital transformation and resulting in 30% reduction on total cost of ownership
    Ran “Bot-a-Thon” program designed on Citizen Developer framework to democratize automation deployment across organization by empowering IT teams on RPA development
    Leveraging RPA technology & building BOTs to automate SOP driven repetitive activities that does not require a human touch. Few automations are on Access provisioning, Employee Setup, Account setup & periodic clones.
    Automated end to end contract definition process leveraging RPA BOTs that improved cash flows by reducing revenue recognition cycle time
    With an objective on user empowerment, implemented ChatBot a self-service tool to query data and extract reports on a click
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Enterprise Services COE Leader Delivering IT Produ

  • December 2011 - August 2019 - 93 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Enterprise Services COE Leader delivering IT products & services that includes both infrastructure and applications on key organization business processes, Indirect Sourcing, Human Resources, Buy-2-Pay, R2R, Invoice 2 cash, Field Services, Contractual Services, Supply Chain and manufacturing for 7 GE Businesses on Oracle ERP, Middleware, Web, mobile & Mainframe technologies with an annual budget of $ 25 MM and 250 people global organization.
    Driving digital transformation to improve customer experience of ~100K global users solving ~10K tickets/month on 40 applications at an SLA of 92%. Developed and rolled out quarterly release process designed on Agile methodology with MVP concept, automated testing, change control (CCB) that increased agility of new feature roll outs by 2X.

    Organization Design: Partnering with cross-cultural global stakeholders in an extremely matrixed environment, built outcome- based organization with clear R&R & operating model and aligned 3 diverse teams (COE, P&L and Vendor partners) to agreed org design and renewed focus on priorities
    Operations Maturity: Developed framework to evaluate Service Delivery maturity, output is a maturity level 1-5 and innovation index with a structured approach to improve Quality, Speed and reduce Cost
    Major Releases: Delivered $ 2 MM worth new product features like GCC VAT (Middle East Tax), Cash Collection digitization, Atomic Roll out, Invoice & Sourcing Analytics and GE divesture projects.
    Invoice Analytics: Developed and rolled out an invoice analytics dashboard that predicts the % probability of an invoice becoming past due with an accuracy level of 85% (with 8 years of historical data), this enabled the collection agent to focus on subset of invoices with high past due probability that resulted in efficiency and productivity improvement and past due reduction
    ERP Utilization: Co-created a framework aimed at identifying Complexity and % Digitization of a business process. Assessment output translated to user stories to increase Digital penetration & complexity reduction.
    IT Cost Out: Accountable for portfolio TCO, ran an infra optimization initiative and migrated all Tier3 & Tier4 applications to AWS Cloud and piloted hybrid storage solution to reduce storage costs on enterprise applications by 50%.
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IT Business Partner Responsible For Product &

  • October 2011 - December 2017 - 75 Months
Role & Responsibility
    As an IT Business Partner responsible for Product and services delivery of Enterprise Applications for Power Services (PS) P&L globally that generates $ 6 B revenues. Leading a team of 100 resources responsible for improving experience & productivity of 4K global field users.
    Regional Operations leader for PS MEA responsible for 100% business continuity & performance of PS business in 25 countries. Accountable for EUS support, Office & Customer site connectivity (OSM), Cyber Security & application operations.

    Implemented Enterprise system (Oracle EBS) for outage execution, closure and financials across 34 countries globally. Platform was built with standard setup and configuration and developed a regional template for country specific requirements. Led a steering committee for project governance with business and IT representations which ensured project was delivered on time and on budget.
    Delivered Outage 360 solution, a data warehousing solution provides 360 degree view of outage data extracted from 15 legacy applications, this helped business to have real time reporting of outage status
    Delivered services portal for outage planning, scheduling and budget management integrated with enterprise system developed with web technology, this solution was a game changer for user experience where business requirement was ease of system access from remote outage sites with low bandwidth
    Led vendor selection process (RFP, evaluation & selection) and on boarded & rolled out a sustainable support model for Oracle ERP application
    Delivered $200 K /year savings by transitioning from COE structure to business alignments that resulted productivity improvement with ‘0’ business disruptions
    Reduced 65% tickets by driving a cultural transformation to renewed focus on RCA, business process monitoring and solution optimization that reduced in 30% cost reduction
    Resource management core and critical pillar of the outage management was digitized on Service Max, developed an algorithm for efficient resource optimization as a value add on existing ServiceMax functionality.
    Proactively migrated all Onsite Monitoring (OSM) from VSAT to Fiber network that enabled organization to offer Digital Solutions like Asset Performance Management Solutions (Predix) to Saudi customers
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Six Sigma Black Belt On A Consulting Assignment Re

  • June 2008 - October 2011 - 41 Months
Role & Responsibility

    As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt on an consulting assignment responsible for solving the high past due % on a global revenue of $ 20B by improving efficiency and effectiveness of Invoice to Cash (ITC) process globally which helped GE Healthcare to transform the finance function and drive efficiency.

    Conceptualized, designed and implemented metrics and measurement system to measure ITC process with 12 process excellence metrics like “Days To Cash”, “% Invoices Paid on Time”, “$ Spent/$ Collected” and drive a process rigor, efficiency and effectiveness in collections team.
    With effective measurement system identified root cause for payment delay as inefficient dispute resolution process. Restructured and standardized dispute management system globally that resulted cycle time reduction of 50%.
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Services Leader Responsible For Delivery Of IT Pro

  • February 2005 - June 2008 - 41 Months
Role & Responsibility

    Services Leader responsible for delivery of IT products and solutions for GEHC Services business globally. Led a team of 80 people and managed ~ 100 mission critical mainframe and web applications

    Working on an FDA regulated environment, was the first to complete the GXP validation of the applications under scope which was applauded by the Global IT leadership
    Team management included bringing goal alignment, coaching, performance management, career progression and leading from the front to ensure team delivers on their commitments.
    Consolidated America’s and Asia support teams, which reduced overall costs and improved service levels for ~6000 users globally

    Prior Experience Snapshot
    1. Project Leader (July 2000 till Feb 2005): Java & Mainframe technologist

    2. Sr. Software Engineer (Dec 1999 till July 2000): Senior Java developer working on Windchill Product

    3. Junior Research Fellow (Jan 1997 till Dec 1999): L1 support agent, Mainframe Administrator & Java developer
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Industry Expertise



Software Systems in M.S

Benguluru University
  • June 1997 - June 2000

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