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About Sonali P

An astute professional with more than 2.5 Year of functional experience in Black Box(ManualTesting) that includes Functional, Non Functional, Globalization, UI Testing, API Testing,Webservice Testing and Automation Testing (Selenium Webdriver with JAVA) withreputedorganization.  A detail oriented professional with 2.5 years of experience in Software testing withInvestment Banking and Telecom Domain.  Performed different types of testing like Functional testing, Regression TestingandRetesting.  Clear Idea about Software Development Life Cycle as well as familiar withSoftwareTesting Life Cycle.  Good experience in analyzing the User stories in Sprint Backlog.  Analyzed Test Scenarios, design Test cases, and defect analysis, defect report.  Execute the test case to meet customer requirement.  Involved in Web service testing using POSTMAN tool.  Participate in Scrum meeting to discuss about project progress report every day. Prepared weekly status Report.  Good understanding of Postman & REST API Testing
Performed Automation testing using Selenium on Web based (Browser) application.  Developed User Defined functions to support the automated scripts. Used the DatadrivenTesting-using Selenium Implemented Agile Methodology process in the project.  Actively involved in System Integration Testing (SIT).  Experience in defect log using defect management tool such as JIRAand prepareddailyteststatus reports to communicate the test status with the team.  Design the Traceability Matrix to map Business Requirements with test Case.  Extensive experience in developing SQL scripts to validate the databases tables andreportsdata for database testing using DML and DDL commands.  Good experience in creating, modifying, and enhancing both manual Test cases andTestScripts created in Selenium Web Driver.  Good understanding in JAVA, OOPS Concept, Collection and String.  Executed test scripts on IE, Firefox and Google chrome.  Experience in identifying web elements using Xpath.  Good understanding of Dynamic Xpath and Iframe.  Knowledge of handling Synchronization (Implicit, Explicit).  Knowledge of handling Popups and List Box (Drop Down).  Experience TestNG, Annotations and keywords.  Experience in designing of POM (Page Object Model) classes.  Familiar with use of MAVEN, Listeners, Log4j and Extent Reporter

Work Experience


Software Testing Engineer

  • January 2020 - November 2022 - 2 Year
  • India



Trade Nation

  • January 2021 - June 2021 - 6 Months
  • India
Role & Responsibility
    • Execution of test cases from Jira
    • Performing Functional Testing, Regression Testing and Re-Testing. Active participation in weekly/daily status calls with the client.  Writing effective and optimized Test Cases in Jira using Black Box Testing techniques.  Identify the test cases for Automation. Validation of Expected output vs Actual output in respective database tables UsingSQL.  Creating the scripts for POM Classes and TestClasses.  Validation of Expected output vs Actual Output in respective logs files usingUN
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IVUE AppSuite

  • June 2021 - January 2022 - 8 Months
  • India
Role & Responsibility
    • Requirement gatherings from business, Test planning and Designing. Checking the logs using UNIX.
    • Execution of test cases from Jira. Identified End to End Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Test Data.
    • Performing Functional Testing, Regression Testing.
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Industry Expertise



Software Testing in B.Sc

Pune University
  • June 2017 - June 2019

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