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About Rakesh P

A performance driven ambitious software developer with an extraordinary blend of and technical knowledge. Ability to communicate and motivate team members to enhance strategic goals and bottom line objectives. Creative problem solving and troubleshooting skills complemented by meticulous attention to details that will result in the success of an organization by developing new applications or improving existing ones.



FightSong (Android App)

  • May 2021 - November 2022 - 19 Months
  • Kansas City, United States
Role & Responsibility
    Fightsong! Empowers students to become advocates for the mental health and physical safety of themselves and others.
    Fightsong! Is a social-emotional reporting platform that promotes self-advocacy and student empowerment. Fightsong! Engages students in a confidential conversation with their school counselors about anything from bullying to mental health. Providing in-depth analytics for administrators to further improve the social climate and school safety.
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