.Net Developer

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  • Over 3+ years of experience in software industry experience in design, development, testing and maintenance

  • Proficiency in standard software development using.NET framework 4.5 and Visual studio 2015 and 2017,2019

  • Working Knowledge on HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.

  • Experience in Object Oriented Programming.

  • Hands on Experience in JavaScript and JQuery for user validations.

  • Handling Web API’s With JQuery Ajax Calls.

  • Having Good knowledge in MVC Architecture.

  • Experience in working with Entity Framework Data Model for an ASP.NET MVC (Entity Framework 5.0).

  • Having experience in create stored Procedures, Functions, Views using SQL Server database.

  • Hands on Experience Web Based Application Development using Web Technology in ASP.NET, using C# as Code-behind language and ADO.NET used as database data consumer.

  • Ability to learn new technologies.


Work Experience


Net Fullstack Devloper

  • February 2019 - September 2022 - 3 Year



Face API

  • May 2019 - December 2019 - 8 Months
Role & Responsibility
    • This application developed by using Microsoft Cognitive Face API services and used to detect the face attributes in an image like : sadness ,happiness ,smile, cry , colour, mouth position and other all attributes

    • And also grouping and listing the no of pictures into one group, and the detect the given user image in that list or group are not.

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Accenture Service Tool (ASP)

  • January 2020 - May 2020 - 5 Months
Role & Responsibility

    AST is an employee self-service portal for raising requests for address proof, employee service letters, Leave of Absence, Exits, Intra country transfer. In addition the process of vendor payments and employee referral payments for candidates sourced into Accenture are tracked and managed using AST.

    AST also stored some local employee personal information and official information like supervisor and project manager details. AST is primarily used by all Indian employees and the India HR back office team called ADMIN team from the India Accenture Enterprise Enablement (AEE) organization

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  • May 2020 - January 2021 - 9 Months
Role & Responsibility

    It is a vehicle & driver monitoring application which helps to get the continuous status of the vehicle to the operator from the control room . Based on the vehicle driver condition we can alert them, and we can get driver condition in the cabin by videos.

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  • February 2021 - September 2021 - 8 Months
Role & Responsibility

    The main aim of the project is to develop a Human Resource Management system for the Intranet Automation of HR Software. It has an Intranet through which all the employees in the company will be knit together. It has different modules such as hiring the employee, paying the employee, Training for the employee, Project management for the concerned employee, and Marketing etc., there by connecting the employees in the company. Human Resource Management system provides the information regarding the employees in the company. The system has been to facilitate good Interaction / communication facilities between the employees and HR Administration. An Information Hierarchy is maintained i.e. the information regarding a particular employee is accessed by the same or any person above him in the information hierarchy.

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B.Tech in MECH

KKR&KSR EngineeringCollege
  • June 2015 - August 2018

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