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About Peddi Y

I have around 4.5+ years of experience as a AWS Devops Engineer
I have good experience in designing, implementing, and managing robust infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines. 
Proficient in cloud platforms such as AWS and experienced in automation, configuration management, and containerization technologies. 
Demonstrates strong problem-solving abilities and a track record of delivering scalable and reliable solutions for complex software projects.

Work Experience


Devops Developer

  • January 2019 - June 2023 - 4 Year
  • India


Images And Himedia Labs

  • January 2023 - July 2023 - 7 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Payed is a single interface, offline and online market place that is set to revolutionize the multi-billion-dollar retail landscape in India. Our offering is all set to capture the customer’s mind space and break-through challenging market environments for our sellers.
    HiMedia Laboratories Private Limited is an Indian origin Bioscience company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. HiMedia is one of the most prominent biosciences companies in India. HiMedia has ventured into intuitive medicine by means of PCR based detection of anti-microbial markers helping clinicians to decide their drug of choice. They are also enhancing the bioinformatics space for sequencing and post sequencing gene mapping analysis. HiMedia’s insights, ambitions, and accomplishments, in many ways, compliment the stellar community of Indian scientists.
    Creating entire infrastructure of backend and frontend systems.
    Managing the traffic through load balancing and auto scaling groups
    Running Jenkins pipeline at each update.
    Writing the playbooks for ansible in order to deploy our services.
    Writing Docker files and docker-compose yml file for the services to deploy
    Managing the infrastructure at the times of need.
    Maintaining the Cloud watch alarms for CPU utilization's, disk utilization's and for  other details.
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  • April 2020 - December 2022 - 33 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Telstra Corporation Limited is an Australian telecommunications company which builds and operates telecommunications networks and markets voice, mobile, internet access, pay television and other products and services. It is a member of the S&P/ASX 20 and Australia's largest telecommunications company by market share
    Design and Implement the architecture with HA (High Availability) and DR (Disaster Recovery) solution for new customer application or migrating the customer application from physical data center to cloud 
    Worked on Cloud Computing (AWS). Following are the features implemented and worked.
    Configured Linux servers like FTP, Telnet, SSH, NFS, send mail, apache and Package Management using RPM and Yum 
    Automated daily tasks using shell scripting 
    Written shell scripts to export/import database backups from RDS & keep the same in S3 (AWS Storage) 
    Maintaining the monitoring profiles for AWS Services - EC2 Parameters (CPU, Memory, Disk, Response time, etc.) 
    Project Implementation on Amazon Web Services Cloud computing  Configured Cisco Router for a Site to site VPN 
    Amazon EC2, EBS, S3, Glacier, RDS, ELB, VPC, Route 53, SNS, Cloud watch, IAM 
    Closely working with Development Team Implementation of Web application such as Apache in Amazon Web Services. 
    Prepare knowledgebase documents and keep them in share point folders 
    Involved in complete User administration (setup and maintaining account) 
    Monitored servers for CPU Utilization, Memory Utilization, and Disk Utilization for performance monitoring and written customized script to utilization details 
    Interaction with 3rd party vendors, Client Teams and senior onsite Systems Engineers as necessary to optimally perform job responsibilities 
    Create and maintain detailed up to date technical documentation (e.g. standards, process, run books, change requests) 
    Attend status review meetings and prepare send the status reports to stake holders 
    Regular proactive capacity planning and tending reviews of all systems 
    Gave KT to the team and mentored the new team members.
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Assurant P&C Group

  • September 2018 - March 2020 - 19 Months
Role & Responsibility

    Assurant, Inc. is a global provider of risk management products and services with headquarters in New York City. Its businesses provide a diverse set of specialty, niche-
    market insurance products in the property, casualty, extended device protection, and preneed insurance sectors. The company’s main operating segments are Global Housing
    and Global Lifestyle.
    Configuration of MYSQL server and MySQL master slave replication.  Configuration and Manage of Apache Web Server.
    Managing SSH for securing the server.
    Generate SSL certificates for apache web server. 
    Working experience on ITIL process (Incident, Change, and Problem Management). 
    Creating templates from VM’s and deploy VM’s from templates and allocate resources.
    Troubleshooting virtual machine issues.  Monitoring and Managing Nagios Monitoring tool. 
    Installing and configuring of Linux on servers using Kick start. Up grading the Linux OS using Kick start. 
    Troubleshooting Booting problems and Boot loaders problems. 
    Package management with RPMs & YUM management in Red hat Linux.
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Industry Expertise



Civil Engineering in Master of Technology

Andhra Tecnical University
  • June 2013 - June 2016

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