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Highly skilled and experienced data engineer seeking challenging freelance opportunities to leverage my expertise in designing, implementing, and managing data infrastructure and pipelines. With a strong background in data engineering and a passion for optimizing data workflows, I aim to contribute my technical skills and problem-solving abilities to deliver effective and scalable data solutions.

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Data Engineer

  • January 2017 - April 2023 - 6 Year
  • India



1. Ulta

  • February 2022 - April 2023 - 15 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Scope of the project is to migrate the on-premises data from Oracle Db to GCP.
    Connected with the source team to understand the existing data and Architecture.
    Tech stacks worked on Creating data pipelines in Dataflow using python for staging and integration layer, along with BDD and Unit Testing.
    Created Cloud Composer for Scheduling of the dependent jobs and worked on CI/CD pipeline in Gitlab.
    Delivered the client accepted solution in GCP with in the deliverable time
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2. Global Payments

  • September 2019 - January 2022 - 29 Months
Role & Responsibility
    It is a Funding technology application services including managing card details and other transactional data
    Develop and manage ETL pipeline, that process data flow from source to target apply business transformation and manage workflow involve GCP
    Follow Test driven development [TDD] software development process and creation of TDD scripts during development phase.
    Coordinate with quality & assessment team with the successful testing of the code and promotion of its to higher environments
    Worked with critical production issues and provided solutions at the earliest to avoid any escalations due to unavailability of data
    Worked in automation of ingestion framework to push data file to cloud bucket

    Roles & Responsibilities: Develop, test and build.
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3. Sobi

  • January 2017 - January 2019 - 25 Months
Role & Responsibility
    The project involves development of ABINITIO graphs/modification to the existing as per business requirement. It involves creating mappings as per new MDWP framework by ABINITIO which would finally lead to decommission of Legacy Framework.
    Involved in analysis designing and development using ABINITIO
    Used technologies like Unix, Control M/ Tivoli, Oracle
    Experience in creating database objects such as Tables, Views Indexes, and then use them in ABINITIO/PYTHON

    Roles & Responsibilities: Develop test deploy.
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Industry Expertise



in Bachelor of Computers Application

Maarashtra University
  • June 2014 - June 2017

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