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About Akash S

A Curious Power BI Developer with a relevant experience of 7 years and total experience 10 years in database development & on Microsoft Technologies.  

To learn, contribute and grow in the field of Information Technology with an organization that supports and nurtures talent.  


Work Experience


Power Bi Developer

  • January 2016 - July 2023 - 7 Year
  • India




  • May 2022 - July 2023 - 15 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Understand the business requirement and analyze, clean data & create modelling & prepare the  dashboard according to the requirement received from client.

    Apply ETL transformation and load into SSMS using SSIS packages and update the data in Power-BI  dashboard. 

    Responsibility of creating measure using DAX to calculate different data set and prepare meaning  insights from it. 

    Till date prepared 50+ dashboards as per client requirement.  Guide the team as well whenever help is needed.  Working on Power BI Paginated reports, Power BI Dax, SSIS, SQL Server. 

    Power BI Paginated reports projects: The Task was to migrate SSRS reports into Power BI Paginated Reports and Power BI Dashboard.

    My task included understanding the SSRS report and the query used to generate the reports and migrate them into Paginated report with the new database and also Power BI Dashboards end to end (and KPI).

    HAL Projects: My task includes to extract, analyze, transform and load the Raw excel files received from client into SQL server using SSIS package and used the dataset into the Power BI desktop and prepare insightful report for the client. do data modelling, data analysis and prepare visualization (using DAX) which helps meaningful insight for the business. 

    FE Projects: Given the excel Raw data by the Client I analyze and do data validation and using the data I prepare the Dashboard with valuable insights and KPIs to the client
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  • January 2013 - May 2022 - 113 Months
Role & Responsibility
    To Prepare the financial analysis report for the organization, every month based on the performance of revenue and Margin of the organization.  

    Understand the whole finance report process analyze and prepare the reports.  Gathered and documented business requirements for analytical reports. Identified and documented  detailed business requirement. 

    Load the data from the SSIS environment to SQL Server and create connection with Power BI.  Create dashboards for each report & integrated custom visuals based on business requirements using  Power BI desktop.  

    Developed calculated measures using Data Analysis Expression Language (DAX).

     Associate Specialist
    This project is for the Syntel organization level where we download the timesheet data of whole organization, load the data in to the database, analyzing the organization data and based on that transforming and data by performing queries.  

    Gathering requirements from DNC and analyzing them.  Writing complex Stored Procedures, functions for generating different reports according to the needs of the Team.  Performing thorough analysis and generating reports of each lever.  

    Automating the manual process of excel through SQL.

     Software Developer 
    Marrow Donor Registry India is a web application site developed for MDR(I) for storing the HLA details of donors fully tested in the lab into the database system, used for cancer patient or recipient in need of bone marrow transplant, the HLA details are matched with the donor in the lab and accordingly transplant is done. 

    Automating the manual process of HLA data entry of the donors into the system. 

    Led an ETL project (SSIS) and delivered on time, meeting the client’s requirements 100%.  

    Designed & developed an SSIS package for automating the manual excel file work into an automated file upload process through a scheduler. 

    Performing manual testing of a automate file upload module in the project.  

    Completed the file automation process in 3 weeks, tested and deployed successfully
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Industry Expertise



in Bachelor of Engineering Computer science

Maharashtra University
  • June 2008 - July 2012

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