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Level 5: Expert in Linux tools, Jenkins, LDAP, Middleware technologies (WebLogic, WebSphere), Apache Webserver, Nagios, ELK, Humio, Ansible, Hobbit and Big Brother
Level 4: Very Experienced in AWS and Azure cloud, containers and devops, ELK, Kafka, Tomcat, CloudFormation, JBoss, IBM MQ, Active MQ, OHS, Sun ONE, IIS, Nginx, HAProxy Bash, Python, Linux/UNIX, Remedy, JIRA, Git, Bitbucket, CVS, SVN, Kite, Cruise, Dashboard, Maven and ANT
Level 3: Experienced in Docker,  K8s, OpenShift,  Ansible, Terraform, Java, Glassfish, OSB, ESB, MySQL, Nexus, YAML, JMeter, Oracle, PostgreSQL, F5 Load Balancer, ServiceNow, Nessus, OpenView, SiteScope, QMail, Sendmail, Chef configuration management tool and Postfix
Level 2: Practitioner in Red Hat OpenStack, AWS, Selenium, OpenShift and Puppet
Level 1: Knowledge of Harbor, GitLab, and Hadoop
Expertise in IT Operations Management while ensuring high-quality customer experience and elevating client satisfaction in line with SLAs and work processes.
Insightful professional with notable success in implementing changes, IT Infrastructure Management and in Operational Integration, Incident & Change Management.
Extensive experience of visiting client locations in London, the UK and Madrid, Spain while working on diverse projects.
Adept at team development and training team members regarding project assignments. 
Skilled in communicating with external customers & internal stakeholders for incident reporting and resolution.
Well-versed in delivering production support and managing performance issues.
Experienced in delivering improvements & in leveraging technical skills in translating organizational vision to overcome challenges and deliver on high-impact decisions.
Dynamic leader with strong communication, problem-solving skills; possess analytical mind and the capability to think clearly and logically.

Work Experience


DevOps Developer

  • January 2015 - June 2023 - 8 Year
  • India




  • January 2022 - July 2023 - 19 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Maintaining the different type of application domains which are used for new application feature and issue fix build, test, client demo env’s. Supporting the Prod issue and performance improvements. Maintaining the env tools () which are used to manage the big infrastructure.

    Perform the Env refreshment different environments which will be used to validate fixes and new features. This is based on Ansible and Jenkins automation.
    Troubleshooting and fix the CI/CD pipeline issue if in case anything fails or not working expected.
    Mentor the team for process and technical support.
    Maintain the containerized env using cli and Rancher.
    Performed POC on ELK for log aggregation. Also managing the ELK upgrades.
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  • September 2021 - December 2022 - 16 Months
Role & Responsibility
     I am responsible for sublive Open Shift PasS env as 24*7 support. Perform multiple project deployment and troubleshooting and fix the issue with dev team coordination

    Managing and supporting OpenShift environments.
    Providing day to day support to development for their OpenShift specific requirement (Configuration, resource increase, decrease).  
    Troubleshooting and fix the Jenkins based CI/CD pipeline issue. 
    Help teams if any payment batch jobs.
    Troubleshoot/Upgrade global pipeline libraries.  
    Scale up/down the resources using console and OC cli.
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WebLogic Server Support

  • April 2016 - September 2021 - 66 Months
Role & Responsibility
    We are responsible for managing Oracle WebLogic servers and for providing Java 24*7 support. We are also responsible for deploying and testing new application code on various environments.

    Responsible for requirement analysis and transferring knowledge to the team to help manage support operations from the offshore location.
    Managed code versions on the CVS and deployed latest release code on test, pre-live & live servers.
    Provided production support for WebLogic Servers and Oracle Internet Application Servers within define SLAs and coordinated with respective teams to resolve issues.
    Provided support for integrating Oracle Internet Application Server (IAS) with Oracle Identity Manager.
    Managed authentication for application access using Oracle LDAP.
    Coordinated with the vendor (Oracle) for product support.
    Responsible for assigning infra-related issues to the respective teams for resolution.
    Prepared weekly reports and reviewed them with client on a weekly basis.
    Involved in planning and applying the vendor suggested patches for Java and WebLogic.
    Gathered performance of WebLogic servers using Python scripts. 
    Used the Remedy tool to manage incidents, requests and change requests.
    Performed cutover of network traffic from old release to the new release code pool of servers using the F5 Load Balancer (LB) and added/removed nodes in F5 LB pools. 
    Worked on the infrastructure as a code POC using Docker and Kubernetes. 
    Wrote YAML scripts and executed them using kubectl for provisioning the infrastructure.
    Integrated the vendor Nexus repository to ensure automatic resolution of dependences and to incorporate updated jar/drivers into the project code. 
    Installed and integrated JMeter to monitor application performance for message processing (JMS).
    Performed root cause analysis for high-priority incidents and suggested appropriate solutions.
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  • April 2019 - December 2020 - 21 Months
Role & Responsibility
     We are responsible for managing and implementing the DevOps.

    Gathering the requirement during the daily stands-up with project development teams . 
    Based on the requirement design the Devops the solution and implement. 
    Gridle is used to build the code. Nexus and git is the code repo. Junit used to test the code. 
    Automating the manual task using SHELL script and tools like Ansible.
    Setup CI/CD with Jenkins with approval and CorpDir (SSO) integration. Different roles were created on Jenkins. 
    IBM MQ and Active MQ were used for application integration and can talk each other. 
    Handling the linux infrastructure and troubleshooting application issues.
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  • October 2018 - April 2019 - 7 Months
Role & Responsibility
    We are responsible for managing AWS cloud, container and DevOps support. 

    Work on POC for various projects.
    Onboarding the projects to Devops methodology.
    Automating the manual task using SHELL script and tools like Ansible.
    Setup CI/CD with Jenkins.
    Creating docker images, maintaining them and deploying code on Kubernetes Cluster ( AWS EC2).
    Creating docker private registry.
    Setup AWS DevOps using Git, AWS CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, ECS, ECR, EKS and code pipeline
    Handling the linux infrastructure and troubleshooting application issues

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Cap Technologies Team

  • July 2012 - March 2016 - 45 Months
Role & Responsibility
    We were involved in supporting build and release environments (Dev, test, regression, pre-live and live) for flight booking system upcoming releases. 

    Responsible for spearheading & leading IT Operations, formulating polices and providing recommendations to the management, deciding courses of action in operations to be following and reviewing SLAs with the team.
    Built and deployed the code on test environment based on the release management plan and provided support during testing of new code on sub-live and production environments. 
    Used the SVN tool to manage release code versions. 
    Used Jenkins, Maven, Ant, Cruise Control and Dashboard for building and deploying the code. 
    Used Jenkins, Ansible and the tailor-made tool Conman for pushing the configuration changes to all servers.
    Collaborated with the client’s Project Managers and Team Leads to plan & deliver services; understand business processes and study & analyse workflow to design solutions. 
    Used the JIRA and Kite tools to manage incidents, requests and change requests.
    Delivered SLA-based services for managing operations and confirming compliance with the policies/processes linked to service transition, implementation and operation of outsourced services.
    Planned for contingencies to ensure minimal effect on deliverables, held review meetings and coordinated with other team members for defining best practices.
    Performed the required impact analysis to determine the severity of incident and to develop incident reports.
    Responsible for following escalations and change control processes, monitoring progress, conducting systems analysis sessions and tracing risks & mitigating the same. 
    Classified the gaps related to processes and communication and advised the management on business strategies.
    Organized weekly meetings to discuss high priority issues and shared the solution in open forums to help the team members.
    Held fortnightly knowledge sessions to groom team members and fill knowledge gaps.
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Industry Expertise



in Masters in Computer Applications,

Pune University
  • June 2009 - June 2012

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