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About Anand

I am an IT professional with 7 years of experience in DevOps technologies and Cloud Administration. Technologies which I have worked on includes CloudPlatform (AWS), Containerization (Docker, Kubernetes), Configuration Management (Ansible, Terraform), Scripting (Bash Shell, Python), Databases (Oracle, MS SQL), Version Control Systems (Git, Bitbucket), Monitoring (Prometheus, Grafana, EFK), and Operating Systems (RHEL, Ubuntu, Windows). I am a result-oriented individual with a proven track record of successfully delivering complex projects, seeking opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills to drive business growth and innovation in an exciting new role.    

Work Experience


Devops Engineer

  • January 2017 - June 2023 - 6 Year
  • India



Keysight Technologies

  • January 2022 - May 2023 - 17 Months
Role & Responsibility

    I am part of centralized devops team of 12 members based in India and US. We are responsible for providing end to end devops support to the various development teams across Keysight global locations. Development team works on developing monolith as well as microservice based java apps for their various requirements. We provide them infrastructure on Kubernetes and AWS (Terraform). We also provide support for their Jenkins pipeline troubleshooting. We also work on developing shared libraries for Jenkins.
    Implemented CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins, Git, and Ansible, enabling continuous delivery.
    Utilized Docker and Kubernetes to containerize and orchestrate the platform's microservices, resulting in greater scalability and reliability.
    Created monitoring and alerting using Prometheus and Grafana, providing real-time visibility into system performance to identifying issues in advance.
    Established security best practices by implementing automated vulnerability scanning and integrating security testing into the CI/CD pipeline.
    Collaborated with the operations team to create disaster recovery and business continuity plans, ensuring minimal downtime in the event of a system failure.
    Implemented infrastructure as code using Terraform, enabling consistent and repeatable deployments across multiple environments.
    Worked closely with the R&D teams, help them deliver the product in providing the necessary tools, integrate with cloud platforms as well as helping them manage their build system (CI/CD pipelines)
    Stayed up to date with the DevOps and Cloud Native best practices, tools, and market trends. Evaluated and recommended innovative solutions to be applied in the company.
    Write user documentation on tools and services on confluence.
    Responsible for providing support and insights from incident/service request tickets from Jira and identifying automation opportunities.
    Drive innovative Automation solutions across the organization or customer utilizing Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Configuration Management, and Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery (CD) tools such as Jenkins.
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GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Nike, Bank Of

  • June 2011 - January 2022 - 128 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Leading the project teams and managing applications & application teams and driving change, infusing new ideas and enhancing the enterprise system performance and productivity. Responsible for managing the day-to-day operational aspects of a project, and for providing guidance during the analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, and post implementation phases. Defined project scope, resources, & deliverables that support business goals in collaboration with all stakeholders.

    Created the complete CI/CD pipeline through Jenkins and deployed Builds for various Environments like QA, Integration, UAT and Production Environments.
    Worked on Jenkins for debugging issues related to any failure in broken Jenkins build and maintaining Jenkins build pipeline.
    Expertise Knowledge in version control system like bitbucket for Branching, Merging, and Tagging.
    Build and deploy automation using Ansible.
    Good experience in containerization tool like docker and Kubernetes.
    Implemented infrastructure as code using Terraform for AWS cloud infrastructure.
    Monitoring solution using Prometheus, Grafana and EFK stack. Write scripts and automation using Python/Shell.
    Set-up, maintenance, and ongoing development of Cloud Native CI/CD infrastructure using AWS, Terraform and Jenkins
    Implement security best practices – primarily patching of operating systems and applications.
    You will work with product management and engineering teams to find efficient solutions to deliver new capabilities, using Terraform and CI/CD via GitLab, while maintaining our strict security and privacy standards. 
    Ability to communicate technical concepts effectively, both written and orally, as well as the interpersonal skills required to collaborate effectively with colleagues across diverse technology teams and locations.
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Industry Expertise



in MBA

Karnataka University
  • June 2014 - June 2016

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