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About Arun

Microsoft Certified SQL Server Developer professional offering the rich experience of around 9 years in understanding process requirements and providing use cases for business, functional & technical requirements
Worked on & gained experience in RDBMS concepts including Table Normalization & Administration of all DB objects 
Worked in various capacities such as Database Analyst, SQL Server Developer, and Client POC and performed SQL Server Development, T-SQL Coding, Requirement Gathering & Analysis, Unit Testing, and Live Deployment
A wealth of expertise entails developing T-SQL Queries (DDL/DML) & designing complex database objects like Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages & Triggers using T-SQL
Proficiency in performing query optimization and performance tuning using technologies such as SQL Profiler, Index Tuning, Database Consistency Checks using DBCC Utilities 
The merit of working with key clients S&P Global, Aristocrat, and Cox & Kings for the Whole Integrated System Project, including online inquiry/ booking of tours, seat allocation, visa, insurance, air & other transport services

Work Experience


MS SQL Developer

  • January 2014 - January 2023 - 9 Year
  • India



Market Digital.

  • May 2015 - January 2016 - 9 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Market Digital is data providing solution to the financial services institutions and investment management firms like E-Trade, PIMCO, National Australia Bank,
    where we provide the relevant data of stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds for investing & trading. 
    Market digital gets the data from various data providers in raw format .
     after doing data massaging on it we provide useful information to our clients for better investment decision making
    An active member of the core SQL team to implement Database unit Test Case(tSQLt) process across the Market Digital project
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Oasis Loyalty

  • June 2019 - January 2020 - 8 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Oasis Loyalty is a suite of centrally managed loyalty solutions. 
    It has the power to integrate loyalty programs across casinos, hotels, restaurants, points of sale, food and beverage, spa, and entertainment systems. 
    It gives the marketing team a powerful tool to manage earnings, trigger-based, and offers, as well as a variety of system-managed loyalty capabilities. 
    Provide third-party systems with a simple, point-to-point API solution to communicate with casino property
    Creating Tables, Stored Procedures, Views, Indexes, Cursors, Triggers, User Profiles, User Defined Functions, Relational Database Models, and maintaining Data Integrity by observing Business Rules.
    Code Quality Measurement is very high, writing complex Unit Test cases on T-SQL is a day-to-day practice
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The FiND

  • May 2021 - December 2021 - 8 Months
Role & Responsibility

    The FiND - Terminal delivers solutions to the data analytics required for intelligent investment decision making for companies and sectors across the globe
    The FiND – An example of conversion of data & information at one point
    The FiND – Helped the investor community to take well informed & intelligent decisions for value-creating investment across the equity markets
    Developing and implementing ETL processes for scheduling & maintaining the SQL Jobs
    Designing &formulating:
    Procedures, actions, triggers, validation checks to implement calculation logic within the objects to fetch data from the staging environment to FiND Schema
    Output procedures for catering to UI
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The FiND

  • May 2022 - February 2023 - 10 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Online inquiry/ booking of tours, seat allocation, visa, Insurance, Air & other transport services
    Online proposal generation including tour itinerary & sightseeing
    Allianced with other service providers like Spice Jet & Jet Escape for Air & Hotel services with tours
    Single-handedly administered all database objects including tables, clusters, indexes, views, sequences, packages, and procedures; assesses the impact of changes made to the database object
    Collated & studied the information fetched from database & applications for troubleshooting & bug fixing of system failures 
    Performed system integration with front-end developer & QC
    Spearheaded the live roll-out of new database technologies for developing the process of database migration
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Industry Expertise



in BE

Noida University
  • June 2008 - June 2012

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