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Having 5+ years of Working Experience in application development based on SharePoint on premises, SharePoint Online (Office 365) and PowerApps.     
Hands-on experience in Power Automate, Power Apps (Canvas App, Modal Driven App). 
Good exposure in Client Site Object model (CSOM) with RESTAPI, JSOM. 
Hands-on experience on provisioning Site column, Content Type and Content Type Hub. 
Hands-on experience in SharePoint Object Models-SSOM, CSOM, Rest API, .Net Managed Object Modal. 
Hands-on experience in SharePoint Web Part, Visual Web Part. 
Hands-on experience in SharePoint List, Library, Web, Site, Sub Site, List Definition, Site definition. 
Hands-on experience in HTML, CSS, JAVA Script, jQuery, Bootstrap, .net, SQL and Caml Query Builder Language. 
Good Knowledge on SharePoint Framework (SPFx) ❖ A quick learner in adapting to technology with ease. 
Good interpersonal & communication skills 
Strongly self-motivated, enthusiastic, and always keen to learn new methodologies and techniques. 
Experience with, and understanding of, the concepts of hosted business web applications as well as the Software development life cycle. 

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Software Developer

  • January 2018 - November 2022 - 4 Year
  • India



Timesheet Approval System Application

  • January 2018 - June 2018 - 6 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Project Description: 
    This application use for Timesheet Management in this Employee submit their timesheet and see their submitted timesheet approve or not. Once employee clicked on submit button will take employee to Timesheet form where employee can choose week when Timesheet will submit and time, also select manager for approval. After that Employee click on Submit for approval button to selected manager. In the approval section as an approver (Manager) can see approve timesheet where approver how many time sheets are pending for approval. In Approval Timesheet Approver can approve and reject timesheet. When approver approve Timesheet, it sent email to employee that their time sheet is approved. Once timesheet approved it will be removed from Approval Timesheet. In this Timesheet there is search functionality where Timesheet Management App Administrator can search any employee of timesheet and see their work and status. 
    Analyzing the technical and functional aspect of the application 
    Create SharePoint Lists 
    Create Timesheet Management Power App’s Home Screen  
    Create Submit Timesheet screen. 
    Design email notification functionality in Submit Timesheet Screen to send approval to selected Manager 
    Create view my timesheet screen 
    Create approve timesheet screen 
    Create restricted Search Timesheet Screen 
    Create Timesheet Reporting functionality 
    Create Setting Screen for initial parameter for Power App 
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Sales Management Portal

  • January 2019 - January 2020 - 13 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Project Description: 
    Sales Management Portal used to manage Sales and collection record of company distributor wise. Sales executive and collection executive have access of the portal by a PowerApps forms. This portal has functionality to manage all sales record distributor wise where collection executive is able to see the pending collection of designated distributors. There is an admin area from where the admin can assign distributor to sales executive and collection executive. In Report dashboard management and supervisor can check monthly, yearly & quarterly collection and sales reports.  
    This Portal has functionality to sync offline excel sheet data. If sales executive or collection executive do not have internet connectivity in remote area during sales and collection process. To sync offline data to SharePoint online there are CSOM app created and scheduled with window scheduler an every executive official laptop and sync daily basis. 
    Create a custom list for storing the data.  
    Real time dashboards Create a gallery to show list of home inspection. 
    Requirement Gathering for the real time dashboards  
    Requirement Analysis and modeling of data  
    Working on Admin Screen, Saving Screen and loading Screen.  
    Created CSOM App to synchronized offline data when system is online.  
    Created flow to send monthly report to the manager.  
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Budget Transfer

  • January 2020 - January 2021 - 13 Months
Role & Responsibility
    This portal is part of Intranet portal, developed for budget allocation to different departments & projects. This portal has two major segments, budget request & budget approval. Budget request portal accessible for all department head of the company. Department head can request budget for their requirement with details of projects and task required resource & timeline and impact of business. 
    Once request has raised it will go to finance department for verification of availability of fund. Once finance department will approve the availability it will go to management for approval. If finance department have any query, they can send back the request to department head will get a complete schedule of fund transfer for finance department. 
    Created Custom List and Library 
    Created site columns 
    Created custom forms 
    Created three different dashboard Finance Head, Department Head & Management Head 
    Created flow through Power Automate 
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Notice Management System

  • June 2019 - January 2020 - 8 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Project Description: 
    Notice Management Portal developed to manage the notices for payment defaulter for loan. In this portal, Executive will upload excel file with defaulter data in document library. File name should contain month and year. There are CSOM app which executive on daily basis and check. If any file uploaded in document library. It reads excel file and create item in notice list. Once the item is created, another CSOM app create notice from predefined template based on notice category. Once all the notices are created, designated law firm review and approve the notice. 
    Once the notice gets approved, it will be connected to info PDF and notice send to client by mail and SMS. 
    Requirement Gathering and analyzing the data 
    Create custom list and library for storing data. 
    Created custom branding using HTML, CSS, JS and jQuery. 
    Created Custom forms to get different inputs from users. 
    Created CSOM App to read Excel data from Document Library and create items in list. 
    Created CSOM App to create Notice for all item with “New Notice” status using predefined template store in Document Library and change status to “Send for Approval”. 
    Created CSOM App to convert Word Notice to PDF once Legal approver Approved the notice after review. 
    Created CSOM app to send Notice on Email and SMS once Notice status changed to Approved By Legal and set the status to Completed. 
    Created dashboards - Approval Dashboard, Requisitions Dashboard, Contract Dashboard, Task Dashboard and obligations Dashboard. 
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Industry Expertise



Master Of Computer Application in MCA

Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya,
  • June 2014 - June 2016

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