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About Mantu P

Wide experience with IT infrastructure and security management, Ability to manage different tools and services to manage and provide IT Infrastructure support. Ability to coordinate and communicate large team to manage operation smooth. Worked with different organization, team, and technology to manage business with IT. Ability to manage and quick adopt new technology.

Tech Stack Expertise

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    4 Years
  • Tech Stack Expertise

    Web Server


    4 Years

Work Experience


Network /cloud Engieer

  • January 2015 - December 2022 - 8 Year
  • India



IT Asset Management System

  • January 2018 - January 2020 - 25 Months
Role & Responsibility
     As per Business requirement we need some system to manage our IT Asset tracking, Movement and Lifecycle. To manage in cost effective way, I have implemented the system in local server with use of IIS and system.
    • To Search Most compatible system to track IT Movement
    • Install and test multiple system to run pilot project
    • Select SNIPIT as the most suitable system
    • Installed on local windows server with all the backend dependency 
    • Create Database and application linkage file to access database
    • URL setup and PORT forwarding at firewall security level
    • Created MASTERS of the entire application
    • Enroll users
    • Asset Data Imports and cross verification.
    • Date to day upgrade of the system from GIT Repo.
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Sophos Firewall Implementation

  • January 2020 - January 2022 - 25 Months
Role & Responsibility
    • Collect the information for the correct firewall as per business needs
    • Review Gathering from the different service providers about the product 
    • Self-Test and experience with different vendors like Forigate, Sophos, Palo-Alto
    • Collect the information about the firewall rules, Ports, Services, Network, IP Ranges.
    • Created rules as per business needs and preventive maintenance for regular tune-up.
    • Added exceptions as per business requirements
    • Created VPN tunnels for Head office to Branch office tunnel
    • Created Secure access for Remote user VPN Tunnel connectivity.
    • Banned Objectional Content and URL’s
    • Created Exception as per USER requirement
    • Block unauthorized Internet Access 
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Industry Expertise



Diploma In Computer Science And Engineering in computer scinece

Gujarat University
  • June 2012 - June 2015

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