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  • January 2021 - November 2022 - 23 Months
Role & Responsibility

     A configuration management mostly for large scale organizations.
    Organizations can configure multiple systems and servers in one go.
    Organizations can check the security and vulnerabilities of all the servers and nodes.
    Organizations can do the compliance check of all the nodes and clusters.
    Organizations can set up all sorts of clouds and servers and containers .
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Ellie Mae (Encompass 360)

  • August 2020 - August 2021 - 13 Months
Role & Responsibility
    The Encompass 360 which is a loan processing application.
    Engineer responsible for writing Golang gRPC clients and server to capture system stats.
    Beats: update metric-beat to collect metrics from Encompass and other services to ship the data to Verita.
    Write unit tests for go-common packages, find flaws, highlight and fix them.
    Release    side,    responsible    for    writing    and    executing    scripts    to build software packages, test and deploy twice a week.
    Also responsible for assessing the quality and risks of new products. Used to build test environments and troubleshoot any issues pertaining to the software’s performance. Maintain and monitor software builds.
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Twintag (Esoptra)

  • January 2019 - January 2020 - 13 Months
Role & Responsibility
     ZAZA(Twintag) used to be a file hosting application which meant Zero Account and Zero App.
    Engineer    responsible    for    troubleshooting    the    infrastructure,    check    alerts, provide manual intervention and occasionally on-call support to Belgium based client, Esoptra.
    Design tools for managing the infrastructure and program clean, reusable and simple code in Golang.
    Operations side I was responsible for creating and maintaining AWS all in one and clusters servers (EC2), creating custom VPC, providing essential security and access, maintaining IAM service for the team, and performing basic operations on S3 bucket file storage.
    Create Rundeck jobs to run commands on all the AWS instances, check for Icinga alerts, warnings and errors and fix them on priority.
    Conduct the post incident review and document the tribal knowledge.
    Build a parallel monitoring system using Prometheus, Alert manager, Grafana. To get the system and services stats and send to Slack channel is case of any inappropriate behavior found.
    Responsible for writing Go code for developing Esoptra and pluglets (pluglets are nothing but plugins running on Esoptra platform).
    Responsible for Code refactoring and automation of test tasks.
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Uber AI

  • January 2016 - March 2017 - 15 Months
Role & Responsibility
    Multi projects like NLP using Doccano, or transcriber tool for converting speech to text.
    Software Development Engineer responsible for working on Agile methodology, with team, building best-in-class software using Python, Django framework, JavaScript MySQL and other languages and packages
    Primary task involved coding implementation, unit testing and fixing issues in production environment
    Develop the work with focus on consumers’ needs and technology competitiveness.
    Seek and provide feedback on design and development.
    Participate in comprehensive code reviews and estimation sessions. Design, review and adhere to best practices
    Build reliable asynchronous systems Support on issues investigation, maintenance, complaints handling and complete life cycle of software development
    Serve as a mentor and maintain IAM on AWS access
    Planning and communication.
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Industry Expertise



in Bachelor of Technology

Karnataka Institute
  • June 2014 - July 2016

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