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To pursue a career that is Challenging, Motivating gives me a good learning experience and contribute my expertise in achieving the self and business goals.

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Business Analyst

  • January 2017 - December 2022 - 6 Year
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Automate MIS Report For Opening Of Savings Account

  • February 2020 - January 2022 - 24 Months
Role & Responsibility
     Tracking status of Account Opening is a key task in branch banking to review the number of accounts logged in and calculating Turn Around time (TAT) to open that account. The process of generating MIS was a time- consuming manual activity. This process was automated where in MIS could be generated from Back-end Team and thus saving a lot of time and effort eliminating scope of human error.

    Reviewed the existing process with Operations team and understood the impact of reporting on the processing activity.
    Understood the elements captured in the report with specific details such as fields, process involved etc.
    Discussed project proposal with Product, Upper-level Management, Back-office Operations teams to brainstorm over it.
    Created JIRA user stories and product/sprint backlog in conjunction with scrum master and development team.
    Captured the proposed process using UML use cases and activity diagram.
    Liaised with development team to discussed technical feasibility of the reporting changes.
    Performed detailed data analysis by mapping fields to database and ensured correct TAT calculations.
    Created Sample MIS Report output format and screens for implementation.
    Conducted test case reviews and executed UAT in conjunction with business and test teams
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in MBA

Maharastra University
  • June 2013 - June 2015

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